mercredi 19 juin 2019

Multi Elements Text Fade-in Trick

How to made a multi elements text appear one by one in the right order with one only material, while
keeping text editable.
In the text Texture Space panel:
Disable "Auto Texture Space" check box.
For each text part, add the lenght of the previous parts in Texture Space Location.
part1= 0
part2 = part1 x dimension
part3 = part1 + part2 x dimension
X dimensions can be found in the right panel (N)

Cumulate previous parts dimensions in Texture Space Location

This way, the elements UV mapping will be align in x value in the right order.
Then you can animate a gradiant fade in material on it.

>>> download the scene

mardi 11 juin 2019

Repeat procedural gradient

Just need a separate XYZ node / a math-modulo node / a combineXYZ node between the UV node and the gradient node. You can ajust the number of repeat by using the mapping  X scale value

lundi 28 janvier 2019


When you use procedural textures like noise, the invert node does not the job quite well because of the non linear based texture (I guess). Here is a trick to always get the perfect negative version of your textures:

samedi 29 décembre 2018

Text apparition/disparition with particles

convert text to mesh

add particle system with settings:
lifetime: 500
rotation : Dynamic
Render : None
Render Size : 1
Texture: New :
type: blend
Colors ramp : On  (flip it)
time: off
Size: On
Mapping Coordinate : Object > animated empty

add Explode modifier
Size : On

New texture same settings but flipped color ramp and new Object target

New texture with color ramp black/white/black and new Object target
Force Fields only checked

add a force field on the same layer

>> download the scene

jeudi 6 décembre 2018

Blender to After Effects

Exporting planes from Blender to 3d compositions in After Effects.
1- Create planes in your 3d scene. 
Scale them to 0.1% (you can scale it up in edit mode so they appear normal size in Blender)
Rotate it Y up and Z front

2- Select camera and planes only and export to 'Adobe After Effects (.jsx)'. This is an addon, it has to be activated first. I actually rendered the scene in Blender 2.8 Eevee but export the JSX in blender 2.79

3- Import your 3d rendered image sequence (keep the same frame rate and image size in your blender and after effects projects).

4- Run the exported JSX. File/Script/Run script file
This will create a new composition with the 3d camera and 3d Null from the planes

5- Drag the image sequence in the composition. Send the layer to back.

6- Replace the Nulls with you screen compositions (use alt-drag and drop so it kept the 3d settings)

7- set the 'screens' opacity to 100. Set their Anchor Point to half the size of their compostion (if 1920x1080 =  anchor point : 960,0 540,0 0,0)

8-Done. You can play with fx to adjust your compositing

>>download the blend file
>>download  the blend 2.8 (used for render)
>>download the after effects file
>> download the JSX

lundi 27 août 2018

Blender grease Pencil test 1

Just giving a try to the last version of grease pencil in Blender 2.8
Very promising! It remind me some Flash tools!
Check this tutorial

mercredi 22 août 2018

procHDR - Procedural HDR Lighting Addon for Blender

No light, no environment texture in the scene. Everything is procedural. Simple to use, you can generate cool lighting in no time.