samedi 29 décembre 2018

Text apparition/disparition with particles

convert text to mesh

add particle system with settings:
lifetime: 500
rotation : Dynamic
Render : None
Render Size : 1
Texture: New :
type: blend
Colors ramp : On  (flip it)
time: off
Size: On
Mapping Coordinate : Object > animated empty

add Explode modifier
Size : On

New texture same settings but flipped color ramp and new Object target

New texture with color ramp black/white/black and new Object target
Force Fields only checked

add a force field on the same layer

>> download the scene

jeudi 6 décembre 2018

Blender to After Effects

Exporting planes from Blender to 3d compositions in After Effects.
1- Create planes in your 3d scene. 
Scale them to 0.1% (you can scale it up in edit mode so they appear normal size in Blender)
Rotate it Y up and Z front

2- Select camera and planes only and export to 'Adobe After Effects (.jsx)'. This is an addon, it has to be activated first. I actually rendered the scene in Blender 2.8 Eevee but export the JSX in blender 2.79

3- Import your 3d rendered image sequence (keep the same frame rate and image size in your blender and after effects projects).

4- Run the exported JSX. File/Script/Run script file
This will create a new composition with the 3d camera and 3d Null from the planes

5- Drag the image sequence in the composition. Send the layer to back.

6- Replace the Nulls with you screen compositions (use alt-drag and drop so it kept the 3d settings)

7- set the 'screens' opacity to 100. Set their Anchor Point to half the size of their compostion (if 1920x1080 =  anchor point : 960,0 540,0 0,0)

8-Done. You can play with fx to adjust your compositing

>>download the blend file
>>download  the blend 2.8 (used for render)
>>download the after effects file
>> download the JSX