dimanche 23 mars 2014

Book Review : "Blender compositing and post processing"

I was recently asked to review the book  "Blender compositing and post processing" by Mythravarun Vepakomma. At first I was very interested in learning more about the Blender compositor because I use it with a simple approach most of time.
The book describes most of the Blender compositor nodes one by one. Actually some of its are so basics that they don't really need explanation (bright/contrast one for example!).
I expected to find a complete compositing tutorial with a standard production scene and complex realistic 3d  blending with video. But there is no tutorial in this book but only description of nodes functionalities with very few basic examples. There is nothing about sophisticated nodes setup. The book doesn't explain very well the way to use the very important output node and how to use it to render passes which is so important for most of compositing.
I think the title should be : "Blender compositor nodes description".
So I would not recommend this book for advanced users. What I learn with this book : few tips only