mardi 22 décembre 2020

Drivers expressions


limited value

whaterver le var value is, it stop at 0 if less and 1 if more:

min(max(var, 0),1) 



current frame value with sinusoidale loop



vendredi 11 décembre 2020


 cool way to obtain tesselation:

subdivide the mesh for a good vertesx density.

add vgroup by selecting all the vertex or vertex painting

use decimate modifier with vgroup

mardi 24 novembre 2020

Avoid Mantaflow numerous bugs

Following this tutorial : 

I faced Mantaflow bugs (ubuntu20/blender 2.83.9):

Fluid/Flow/inflow/  intial velocity have to be very high (20 in my scene, 1 in the tutorial)

Fluid/Domain/Cache/Type modular break render randomly: use Final always

Fluid/Domain/Adaptive Domain can randomly break at domain border : no solution for now

Material loose major voxels packs at render: It seam related to use of ColorRamp for smoke density

>> download the scene

mercredi 21 octobre 2020

3x3 Mosaic Node Group

Mosaïc node group  generate a 3x3 color grid on UV (if you map it on a plane, it will fill it). Usefull for lowpoly shading all in one shader.

>download the scene

Reset UV. Select wanted faces and move them on the color location based on the 3x3 grid.


 how it's done:

dimanche 22 mars 2020

Render Eevee Bloom with alpha

basic setup to render Eevee bloom with alpha

mercredi 11 mars 2020

Blender render Batch

Create a text file and save it as testbash in ubuntu 'home'

This one let you render choosen scene in your blender file.

VAR1 line is a variable to define the project path so you can re use it
cd line define Blender path
The following bash render 3 sub scenes of a single file names test.blend

To run it, first use chmod +x testbash then  ./testbash in the terminal.

#$ chmod +x testbash
cd /home/ol/Documents/blender-2.82
./blender -b $VAR1/test.blend -S 'sc_torus' -o //render/torus/  -a
echo "***********************************************************"
./blender -b $VAR1/test.blend -S 'sc_cub' -o //render/cube/  -a
echo "***********************************************************"
./blender -b $VAR1/test.blend -S 'sc_suzanne' -o //render/suzanne/  -a
echo "***********************************************************"

samedi 15 février 2020

RIG - Head Follow and Tail

head follow switch rig from p2design
One only bendy bone Tail inspired by Tal Hershkovich

>> download

dimanche 19 janvier 2020

mardi 14 janvier 2020

Blender code : functions

useful for calling several time the same code
import bpy

def funk1(bla,blu):
    print("function with external references")
    print('sum of it =', bla+blu)

def funk2():
    print('basic function')   




Result in the console is:
function with external references
sum of it = 8
function with external references
sum of it = 50
basic function