mercredi 17 septembre 2014

Ubuntu Blender batch render

Simple batch script to render multiple scene in queue.

create the script in a text file.(no extension) Name it 'testbash'. Drop it in the Ubuntu home folder.

Scene settings override:
#$ chmod +x testbash
cd /home/loran/Documents/blender-2.80-BETA
./blender -b $VAR1/SLIDESHOW1.blend -o //render2/01/ -F JPG -s 001 -e 949 -a
./blender -b $VAR1/SLIDESHOW2.blend -o //render2/02/ -F JPG -s 001 -e 302 -a

echo "Rendus terminé le $(date)"

Use scene settings (here a mp4 video was rendered):
#$ chmod +x testbash
cd /home/loran/Documents/blender-2.80-BETA
./blender -b $VAR1/montage.blend -o //EXPORTS/ -s 1 -e 12374 -a

Launch terminal (CTRL ALT T)
$ chmod +x testbash

lundi 30 juin 2014

Blender 2.71 Cycle fire and smoke shader

Very much easier to setup with nodes and Border Render preview in the viewport.

mardi 24 juin 2014

Blender VR

how to create a VR panorama in Blender. Very simple sample scene here. 6 images render in a folder and a html + JS. enjoy!!


download >> zip file (blender scene+JS+html) :

mardi 3 juin 2014

Blender Cycle Instance Node

Just learn how we can instance nodes groups in Cycle. Awesome.
1-Select the part you want to re-use
2- CTRL-G to create a group from selection (TAB to edit the group content. ALT-G to ungroup)
3- You can rename the group and even the connections in the right panel
4- In another shader, input a group a pick the one you want.
5- Done!

mardi 8 avril 2014

Cycle speed sculpt + SSS test

Just training speed sculpt based on an Aris Kolokonte  sculpt.
Shading directly the sculpt with a quick Dirt vertex color. No paint, no UV.

mercredi 2 avril 2014

2D/3D worflow with Blender

I had to combine 2D design and 3D  for a easier animation process...
Here is my workflow:

Final result :

 2 combined passes (2D/3D). I used "dilate/erode" node for keeping freestyle lines the right width when over the 2d textured plane.

2Dpass :  basic setup but with "All Z" checked to avoid Zdepth conflict in compositing.

3Dpass with freestyle setup

 3D viewport: Textured planes are in specific layer checked for 2D pass. 3D body is on another layer cheked for 3D pass.

Shader for the planes:

Shader for the 3d body:

dimanche 23 mars 2014

Book Review : "Blender compositing and post processing"

I was recently asked to review the book  "Blender compositing and post processing" by Mythravarun Vepakomma. At first I was very interested in learning more about the Blender compositor because I use it with a simple approach most of time.
The book describes most of the Blender compositor nodes one by one. Actually some of its are so basics that they don't really need explanation (bright/contrast one for example!).
I expected to find a complete compositing tutorial with a standard production scene and complex realistic 3d  blending with video. But there is no tutorial in this book but only description of nodes functionalities with very few basic examples. There is nothing about sophisticated nodes setup. The book doesn't explain very well the way to use the very important output node and how to use it to render passes which is so important for most of compositing.
I think the title should be : "Blender compositor nodes description".
So I would not recommend this book for advanced users. What I learn with this book : few tips only

samedi 22 février 2014

Ink Shader

Playing around with this awesome Ink Shading setup from

 >> download the blend file

The setup is simple. From the basic Shader, use a ramp for color. This is where you will give more or less "light" to your shader.

Then we use 2 internal textures. First, and not necessary , a Cloud to create irregular scattering for the shadows.

Then a Wood with custom ramp color. You can change the size to add details. This texture influence the Normal.

Then you can finally use Edge option to obtain a contour line. Edge is fast to render but can't be setup in a complex style. You Can use Freestyle for a better contour result, better but slower.