mercredi 21 octobre 2009

::K a b o o M:: 1.01 released!

KabooM is an explosion animation tool. You have to precut your geometry before.( You can do precut with this ). Kaboom works with any geometry object.

New v 1.01 >> MAX2010 x32 and x64 compatible

> video demo
> video tutorial

> download KabooM 1.01

> CGSociety thread

12 commentaires:

  1. Thank you Brother!!
    Flávio Costta/Brazil.

  2. hey there.. I really like this script and to see what it can do in a pretty simple way :).. I'm having problem though running it properly on my max 2010 x64

    the object explodes but it doesn't finish it off completely.. the effect stops after 2 frames

  3. not tested on 2010 x64 yet. I Will.

  4. Friend! Excellent script!!!
    But i can't have a good explosion in 3ds max 10 x64, when i change the parameters it's seems no difference in the animation... But this script is amazing!!!

    Cadu Puccini from Brazil!

  5. pena q esse script nao tem pro max 2008, estou sempre procurando fazer manualmente, esse script facilitara muita gente, sensacional mesmo ..

  6. Hi!Amazing work!
    I have a problem, every time that I run the script I get the message

    Unknown property: "getChildrenHWND" in #Struck:windows(sendMessage:fn,addChild:fn)

    What this means?

  7. Kaboom 1.01 released!!
    max 2010 x64 and x32 compatible

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  10. Hi,

    Can this script be usable in the recent version of 3ds max like 2012 and up?

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